• Evolution & Transformation

    for Ecosystem Restoration Camps

    Facilitating Inner Shifts to a Regenerative Human Presence on Earth

  • Your evolutionary path...

    ...emerges one step at a time.

    It is often overlooked that doing ANYTHING new increases the chances that something in you will change.


    It is also often overlooked that the gap between who you have known yourself to be, and who you are becoming, can be significantly groundless.


    We call this in-between place a 'liquid state.'


    Along your evolutionary path you may experience liquid states in any of your 4 bodies: physical, intellectual, emotional, or energetic.


    The Evolutionary / Transformation Circle is here to help you courageously navigate your personal and team liquid states that will naturally and unavoidably occur while we establish Ecosystem Restoration Camps together around the world.


    Navigating transformational liquid states is our specialty. We have studied and trained in this field for our whole lives. We are here to serve you. We think there are good times ahead together. That makes this journey the adventure of a lifetime.


    This website is dedicated to supporting individuals and teams of the Ecosystem Restoration Coop and the Ecosystem Restoration Camps to successfully navigate their evolutionary and transformational liquid states.


    To do this we provide you with THEORETICAL, PRACTICAL, and IMMEDIATE support for your inner permaculture experiments.


    NOTE: We are ongoingly searching for additional resources such as books, websites, videos, blogs, articles, workshops, trainings, and authentic adulthood initiatory experiences that could help us. If you feel strongly positive about the real value of resources you have used that are not yet linked here (even if you are the filmmaker, trainer, or author!) please send your recommendation to us using the contact form below so we can further enrich the value of this website. Thank you for your encouragement!

  • 1. Theoretical Support

    Widen your horizons...

    Each new bit of understanding makes a difference!

    On this website you receive high-quality distinctions to use for upgrading your thinking, perceiving, interacting, creating, and being. These distinctions are offered in the form of articles, videos, blogs, thoughtmaps, suggested books, and links to other online study materials. Unless the mind is convinced of the necessity for personal-development it resorts to guarding its own status quo.





    Below are links to valuable BLOG POSTS for deepening and expanding your experiences at Ecosystem Restoration Camps.


    Happy reading!

  • Blogs

    ...dare you transform?

  • 2. Practical Support

    Do something for yourself...

    Here we propose personal pathways of evolutionary experiences for you to engage. We know from our own lives that these experiences provide solid stepping stones beyond the edges of traditional culture as bridges to next culture. These experiences help build your matrix to hold more consciousness. Examples are:

    • Bright Future Now by Context Institute's Robert Gilman is a 6-week online interactive learning program that provides practical tools and transformative experiences that address core human issues – from depth psychology to system mapping; for the mind, the heart and the body; in yourself, in groups and in the world – all in the context of a deep systems understanding of the worldwide transformation we are living through.
    • Vision Fast by School of Lost Borders in USA and globally, 11 days for cultivating self-trust, responsibility, and understanding about one's unique place within society and the natural world, with much needed self-reflection-time in a non-judgmental yet challenging environment.
    • Expand The Box training from Possibility Management cracks the construct-prisons you reflexively adopted as a child to survive in modern culture but which effectively block you from delivering your true services to the world as an adult. This is a 3 to 5 days live-in training that provides unconventionally inspiring thoughtware upgrades through authentic adulthood initiatory processes. Expand The Box is a prerequisite for Possibility Labs and Feelings Practitioner programs.
  • 3. Immediate Support

    Create new ways together...

    Here is your opportunity to speak directly with skilled and experienced members of the Evolution & Transformation Circle to gain exactly the clarity and possibilities you may be looking for right now.


    Give us a call and let's see how we can help each other create a regenerative human presence on Earth.


    No question is a stupid question.


    Andrei Iuroaia

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    Charling Tao

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    Brian Cartwright

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    Clinton Callahan

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    Jillian Hovey

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